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Welcome to Kurt Angle UK. Kurt has wrestled for the WWE and TNA in the past. He won Olympic Gold in 1996. This site is here to give you all the latest news and media on this fantastic athlete.

Kurt Angle, the Olympic gold medallist. It’s true, it’s true. He’s a technical master of the ankle lock. It’s true, it’s true. He’s won world titles wherever he’s went, whether it was WWE, TNA or Japan. It’s true, it’s true. Did you know he’s tapped out more than a handful of times? It’s true, it’s damn true.

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Wrestlemania 2000
Raw: April 3rd 2000
Feb 2000: No Date
March 2000: No Date
March 2000: No Date

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(WWF Championship Match) Kurt Angle © vs The Undertaker
A rematch from Fully Loaded which was earlier in the year, Undertaker takes on the new champion. Undertaker defeated Benoit, Kane and Jericho to earn this championship match. My question is where is Stephanie in all this? Did Kurt separate from Stephanie because of Trish so soon after gaining the championship? I really cannot remember so I presume Stephanie has separated from Kurt. Angle comes out looking confident, all through the night Kurt has been telling whoever would listen that Kurt has Taker’s number. Kurt grabs the microphone and reflects upon his first year in the WWF, listing his accomplishments in his rookie year such as winning championships and being undefeated etc. Taker has heard enough and comes cycling down to ringside, Kurt is disgusted by Taker’s interruption. Taker’s pants are ….. interesting to say the least. I can see why Taker only wore these beige like pants. Taker parades Angle’s belt around the ring while Angle scowls in the outside. Taker grabs a chair from ringside, Angle hides behind Earl Hebnar. Undertaker throws the chair to Angle, Angle picks up the chair and nails Taker in the back, stomps in the corner by Kurt. Kurt ties himself out punching The Deadman and Taker counters, big boot and a legdrop across the throat of Angle. Undertaker wants to punish Angle, scoop slam and elbow drop. Taker has fun with Angle, Old School time! Angle powders to the floor, Taker gives chase. Angle stomps Taker and nails some nice rights, right hands by Taker who has Angle staggering. Angle catches Taker with a german suplex, two count for the champion. Clothesline by Angle sends Taker to the floor, Angle attempts a double ax handle from the apron but Undertaker catches Angle and slams the champion into the ringpost. Twice, Angle is rammed into the ringpost, club to the back of Angle. Taker misses a big boot in the corner, Kurt goes after Taker’s leg. Taker battles back, Angle goes back to the leg. Angle misses a clothesline and Taker locks in a fujiwara armbar. Angle taps to the armbar but Edge and Christian are here, Edge and Christian get scared off by Taker. Angle survives by taking down Undertaker, leg lock by the champion. Taker fights desperately out of the leg lock, Angle clotheslines The Deadman, regaining his advantage.

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Top of the bill is Kurt Angle versus Joe Coffey and with Angle being one of the biggest names in the sport, the significance of him competing in Scotland cannot be overstated.

Angle was one of the wrestlers whom Benson grew up watching and admits she may be somewhat star-struck when she meets the American.

“It’s brilliant to be on the same show as Kurt Angle. The 10-year-old me would be losing her mind at the prospect of meeting him,” she laughs. “It was guys like him who got me into wrestling so to now be sharing a show with him is the best feeling ever.

“I think I’ll be a little taken aback when I first meet him – I’ll try to be completely professional but the kid inside of me will be screaming.”

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The last 3 Impacts of 2008

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Former WWE and TNA star Kurt Angle was the recent guest on “The Steve Austin Show”, which you can listen to in its entirety at this link or in the provided audio player. Below are some interview highlight quotes from Angle:

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